ISOGO International Lounge is celebrating its 1 year anniversary! 10am-4pm,  Sat. 17th February

Thanks to your support, we are celebrating our 1 year anniversary.There will be exciting workshops and events on Sat. 17 Feb from 10am – 4pm. Admission is free and everything is free. Please come join us with your family and friends. Let’s celebrate the anniversary and have fun together!

Event overview

ISOGO International Lounge 1 year anniversary party

Date:Sat. 17th February Time:10am-4pm

TimetableWorkshopsChatting Club &Tea Party
10:00– Shaving dried Bonito(w/ souvenirs)
– Making Misçanga with yarn
– Easy craft – A circle of people together
– Making Chinese paper cutouts
11:00Chatting Club
~Finding the best of Isogo~
14:00The 10th International Tea Party
Try on a saree & enjoy a cup of chai


Shaving dried Bonito(w/ souvenirs)  approx. 5 min.

 Experience “Katsuo Kezuribushi” (smoked & dried bonito) shaving and “Dashi” (Japanese soup stock) tasting. Let’s learn the basics of Japanese cooking. Participants can take a small  souvenir home!

Making Miscanga with yarn  approx. 20 min.

Let’s make your own colorful Miscanga (bracelet) !

Easy craft – A circle of people together approx. 10 min.

Paper doll parts are available. Make your own doll in the manner of dress-up dolls. Put your  doll on the display board in the lounge to create a large circle of dolls.

Making Chinese paper cutouts  5 – 10 min.

Try your hand at “Senshi” (shearing paper), a traditional Chinese paper cutout craft.Cut out flowers, animals, etc. with scissors according to the design. After cutting out, you can put them on window panes, shoji screens, lanterns, ceilings, pillars, beams, or anywhere you like.

Mongolian Fortune telling   approx. 2-3 min.

Let’s read today’s fortune with a popular Mongolian fortune telling method. We use several ankle bones of the sheep.

Chatting club &Tea Party

Chatting club ~Finding the best of Isogo~ 11am-12pm

The “Thursday Night Chatting Club” which takes place every Thursday, is coming.

The theme is ‘Finding the best spots in Isogo’. In this chat session, the participants write their favorite places on special little notes and stick them on a large map on the wall and talk about them. You can come to the lounge prior to the event and write down your recommendations.

The 10th International Tea Party ~India~ Try on a saree & enjoy a cup of chai

From 2 to 4pm, we will have The 10th International Tea Party ~ India~. Free to come and go during the period. You can try on a saree and have a cup of chai.  Free of charge this time!